Islamic State of Terror

There is an islamic state in the Middle East, a state ruled by religious law, where international human rights have no reach, where speaking out against Islam or owning a Bible is punishable by law, where medieval forms of punishment like stoning, beheading and public flogging are legal and commonplace, where women have to hide their faces behind a black veil in public and aren’t allowed to drive cars, where theatre, cinema and concert halls are forbidden, where religious fanaticism is encouraged and where organizations like al-Qaeda recruit much of their manpower. This state wages illegal war on its souverain neighbor(s), bombing hospitals and refugee camps, using weapons supplied by Western countries, financed from selling its oil.

And just so there is no misunderstanding which state is described above (because sadly, most of it applies to not just one): it’s Saudi Arabia, stalwart ally of Western civilization, a state against which there are no economic sanctions, despite all the documented human rights violations.


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