Who died today?

Terrorist massacres are on everyone’s mind thanks to mass media, but that is not the only thing killing people before they die of natural causes (or at least at an advanced age). Listed below are the daily averages over the last few years:

  • killed by terrorists*: 85
  • killed by private handguns in the US alone: 90
  • killed in road traffic accidents: 3’500
  • killed by second hand smoke**: 1’700
  • killed by their own smoking habits: 15’000
  • killed due to lack of access to clean drinking water: 10’000
  • killed due to hunger or malnutrition***: 12’000

* including islamics in the Middle East as well as white supremacists in the West, and everything in between that is officially considered terrorism
** with a small amount of cynicysm applied, this could be merged under the category “terrorism”
*** even though the yearly global food production is sufficient to feed every single human being

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