When the self-deluding become the majority…

this happens. Disregarding the extreme right which always prefers autarchy over international trade and the few old school diehards that still live in the mindset that Great Britain is a world superpower, the majority probably voted for separation because they truly believe they can make better deals with the US and the rest of the world if they are not part of the European Union.

Three quarters of a century ago, this messianistic belief already cost the Brits their empire and their economic prosperity. Winston Churchill was a prime example of a British politician who sincerely believed the Americans had nothing but the best interests of Great Britain on their mind. Roosevelt played Churchill like a fiddle and by the end World War II the UK was hopelessly broke and doubly dethroned as leading world power by both the United States and the Soviet Union. Decades of recession followed, just like they most probably will now.


Update 1, originally published on June 30, 2016

A big mouth with nothing to back it up

The probably biggest liar of the “Leave EU” campaign, Boris Johnson, announced he won’t be throwing his hat in the ring for the post of prime minister. Just another dishonest lying cheat in politics who soils himself at the first sign of trouble, the blame doesn’t rest on him so much than on the cattle that ate up all he spewed out.

I guess Brits can now stop making fun of Americans for re-electing a president they didn’t even elect the first time around.


Update 2, originally published on July 4, 2016

…and then there were none

With a pretext worse than a 10-year-old could have invented, Nigel Farage slunk off the stage as well, showing the world how little he believes in the very ideas he has been promoting for so many years. While it’s too late for Britain, maybe enough people will wake up all across Europe to the fact that the far right has nothing to offer beyond empty promises.

Who knows, maybe even America realizes the fact that electing a clown like Trump would be a really bad idea.

Who died today?

Terrorist massacres are on everyone’s mind thanks to mass media, but that is not the only thing killing people before they die of natural causes (or at least at an advanced age). Listed below are the daily averages over the last few years:

  • killed by terrorists*: 85
  • killed by private handguns in the US alone: 90
  • killed in road traffic accidents: 3’500
  • killed by second hand smoke**: 1’700
  • killed by their own smoking habits: 15’000
  • killed due to lack of access to clean drinking water: 10’000
  • killed due to hunger or malnutrition***: 12’000

* including islamics in the Middle East as well as white supremacists in the West, and everything in between that is officially considered terrorism
** with a small amount of cynicysm applied, this could be merged under the category “terrorism”
*** even though the yearly global food production is sufficient to feed every single human being

Thy Kingdom Come – Not

So, Ted Cruz is out of the running. This means America won’t become a theocracy yet.

In case you missed his agenda, it was based around “religious liberty”, which in his interpretation meant revoking women’s rights and persecuting homosexuals, teaching Creationism (as in God created everything six thousand years ago and any material fact contradicting this is the work of the Devil) in schools, which of course leads to things like denying any kind of human induced climate change (as in screw the environment because the Bible doesn’t explicitly say you shouldn’t pollute your water supply with industrial waste).

You know, a Christian version of some Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia or northern Iraq (not Iran though, they don’t persecute transsexuals or teachers who mention the evolution). So good job showing the world Trump isn’t the only candidate that should never win.

Islamic State of Terror

There is an islamic state in the Middle East, a state ruled by religious law, where international human rights have no reach, where speaking out against Islam or owning a Bible is punishable by law, where medieval forms of punishment like stoning, beheading and public flogging are legal and commonplace, where women have to hide their faces behind a black veil in public and aren’t allowed to drive cars, where theatre, cinema and concert halls are forbidden, where religious fanaticism is encouraged and where organizations like al-Qaeda recruit much of their manpower. This state wages illegal war on its souverain neighbor(s), bombing hospitals and refugee camps, using weapons supplied by Western countries, financed from selling its oil.

And just so there is no misunderstanding which state is described above (because sadly, most of it applies to not just one): it’s Saudi Arabia, stalwart ally of Western civilization, a state against which there are no economic sanctions, despite all the documented human rights violations.


Let’s get retarded again

For the upcoming popular vote in the city of Zurich, there are four topics on the agenda:

  • Invest in education (new building for the city conservatory)
  • Invest in culture (a new exhibition in the state museum)
  • Invest in health (new bicycle routes and infrastructure)
  • Invest in our future (building new housing units targeted at families with children)

The Zurich fraction of the Swiss People’s Party obviously decided the show the world there is no limit to stupidity and shortsightedness and thus objected to each and every one of these projects, mostly for financial reasons.

So now they are all up for a popular vote, which costs millions.